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Global Industrial Inc. headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma is proud being a leader nationally and internationally in the Construction, Maintenance and Turnaround Industry Global specializes in alloy welding of boiler tubes, piping and heater tube replacement in the Petrochemical, Powerhouse and Refining Industries. Global Industrial is capable of handling all your capital and turnaround needs from estimating, planning, scheduling, supervising and executing your scheduled and emergency projects. Global Industrial has highly skilled and trained personnel with years of experience in welding, pipe fitting, insulation, refractory, tube replacement, stress relief and non-destructive testing. We offer in excess of 380 A.S.M.E. qualified welding procedures covering Ferritic and Austenitic Alloys, Incoloys and other exotic materials.  We maintain the U-S-R-NB stamps. We know our professional and highly motivated shop and field teams will prove that our customers’ needs have been met BY DOING THE JOB RIGHT AND ON TIME.  Global Industrial maintains QUALITY, SAFETY and PRODUCTIVITY on all projects – scheduled or emergency.
We are celebrating our ten year anniversary with a new shop expansion of our fabrication facility that includes modernized welding technology and increased lifting capabilities.