Turnaround & Welding Services

Turnaround services for FCCU, Coker, Alkylation, Ammonia and more

Project management
Specialty welding services
Over 300 weld procedures 
All types of alloy and chrome
Tower repair services (code and re-tray)
All types of internal repairs
General heavy craft labor
Heater and boiler repairs
Drum and vessel repair
Relocation of equipment, retrofit and upgrades
SCR/low NOx  burners
Stack modification
Pressure vessel modifications
Bolting, tensioning and torquing services
Vessel lining dismantling and tear-out
Field fabrication and erection
Furnace retrofit services
Code repairs (overlays and vessels)
Cyclone repairs and replacements
Furnace tube fabrication and installation
All types of piping replacements

Shop & Field Fabrication

Vessels, reactors and towers
Drums and silos
Complete fabrication of furnaces
Vessel and tower weld overlays

Power Services

Power plant outage services
Comprehensive boiler services
Capital projects
High-energy piping

Construction Projects

Ammonia, methanol and hydrogen reformers
FCCU and power recovery
Sulfur recovery units
Expansion and upgrades - FCCU, Coker, Alkylation (H F and sulfuric acid), etc.
Power plant boilers and utility modifications

Electrical & Instrumentation

Full Service Electrical Contractor
Instrumentation Calibration/Loop Checkout
Start-up / Commissioning
Outage / Shutdown Support
PLC/DCS System Configuration
Construction / Maintenance / Staffing

Continuous Presence Services

Routine and preventive maintenance
Small capital projects
Project planning and scheduling
Plant improvements
Best practices utilization
Turnaround and shutdown support
Plant outages and emergency services